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Cannot connect Stor.E Wireless Adapter + 1TB HDD to my lapto


I have recently purchased a Stor.e Wireless adapter to use with my Stor.e Partner 1TB portable HDD but I cannot get it to connect to my laptop.
If I plug the HDD directly into my laptop everything shows as ok however if I plug in via the wireless adapter nothing shows. the instructions that come with the adapter are very poor but after following the instructions which state " plug HDD into adapter using USB cable then plug adapter into supplied power plug (Mains), the HDD light flashes and the lights on the wireless adapter show 1, Power=solid green, 2, Wireless=solid green, 3. USB=solid blue.
The hard drive shows on my Android phone and android tablet but will not connect, when doing a scan for wireless devices on my laptop the adapter cannot be found. I have emailed Toshiba technical support twice, on 5th July and 10th of July but have not received the courtesy of a response albeit confirmation of their receipt of my emails, so much for their we will get back to you in ONE DAY statement.
ANY help with this problem would be very much appreciated.

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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